We need a moderator in the southen hemispheer

Im australian and when i normaly hop onto this forem, no one is active as you are probably all asleep

This is why I think we need a mod in the southern hemisphere

@MakeCode @richard Please make this happen


I think they are based in california so it would be quite different than normal

  • these people are paid so they would have to pay for another mod
    Only way I see this happening is with an australian volunteer
    (Also do you mean eastern hemisphere? time isn’t different in the southern hemisphere)

yes, i ment eastern hemispheer


See, the thing is, instead of thinking that “Oh no there’s no one on while I’m on boo hoo” You could try to understand that the MakeCode team is working hard on other projects and they have more important things to do than check forum posts every day, @ArcherBright123 .


Thanks for the understanding, @Grimm9 !

You’re right. We do all have “day jobs.” For example, I create the skillmaps for Arcade and work with brand partners to create experiences like D&D and Zune, and Joey, Richard, Thomas, & Hassan (et.al.) are devs that work on Arcade, micro:bit, and Minecraft. Everyone on the team takes a turn and we each get assigned a day to keep our eyes on the forum. But, once work is done for the day, we generally stop approving posts.

Just like @ArcherBright123 said, it would be super helpful to have other volunteers that could help out in our evening hours and weekends, but the forum we use doesn’t allow for any more admins than we already have.

Since the forum has become so much more active, we’re trying to think of more ways to keep things flowing smoothly, but it’s going to be a process :slight_smile:

In the meantime, we’ll keep reading through as many posts as we can manage each day!


You might want to refrase this post in a less mocking manner XD
We just want to see our silly little homemade video games ASAP


Look mate
That was uncalled for
The mocking was not appreciated and a lot of people would agree

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I understand and am sorry for the mocking behaviour, its just that the makecode team are working insanely hard on whatever they’re doing, and its just not fair to request more of them at this point because they’re already out there doing great stuff. Again, sorry for the mocking nature, its just me getting mad.


Ok…? Not very nice bro…


I don’t think it was that bad… I mean the man’s got the point across effectively ngl


Yeah its alright I could tell it was just being passionate!


Sorry COMPLETELY unrelated.

I can not get over how hype @ArcherBright123’s pfp is



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Do you mean “I meant eastern hemisphere?”

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i dont have the best grammar

Look mate, i did not mean some thing like “WE NEED ONE NOW OR DA WORLD IS GONNA END!”
I meant something like when the forum becomes more active in the future.
P.S, @Grimm9 Great profile picture and I really do appreciate How hard the makecode team and everyone on this forum works. The only reason I suggested it was because it would make it harder when more people in places like New Zealand and all that join, as it will rapidly increase the time it takes for posts and replies to be approved and also because it would create more work for the team


The mods live in Washington so they have different time zones I don’t think they’ll ever have community mods because they can trust that those mods would follow the guidelines that the team follow to approve posts.


Ngl I’d probably respond similarly if I were in @Grimm9’s figurative shoes.

Like you, I’m not in the same hemisphere as the moderators but it doesn’t really bug me that others aren’t online when I am because I know there is a moderator approval system and honestly, that hasn’t stopped me from interacting with this great community. Also, cause I know almost everyone is based in the US (except for @Sarge who is based in Croatia and you in Australia (Not mentioning others that aren’t involved in the thread)).

My usual routine involves waking up and checking the forums for anything new, then going on with the rest of my day. You don’t really need to spend 30 minutes refreshing your page and waiting to see if someone is typing on a post as you probably won’t see whatever they’re typing until the moderators approve (which for me is usually every morning). I’m not saying you do, but I’m just using that as an example.

I’m not mocking or insulting you but it is important to remember that the Makecode team have important things to do other than just watching the forum. Hope you can understand my point of view.

Again, not trying to start any flame wars or make anyone upset or things like that. Just wanted to share my point of view about the topic.


Owie ouch

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Indeed good sir