Web JACDAC dev environment?

Is there a way to get 2 web simulators connected?


You can use arcade.makecode.com/---multi and both editors will transfer serial and/or jacdac messages between each other.

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@peli That’s exactly what I was looking for !

By the way, I’m completely new to jacdac, is there anything I’m doing wrong here?
I created these 2 projects to figure out how to use jacdac.

jacdac.onNewDevice(function() {
    game.splash("new device connected")


game.splash("controllerClient started")

In the multi editor link, when I open and start those 2 project simulators, the host displayed nothing, while after downloading them into 2 meowbits connected with a 3.5mm cable, the ‘new device connected’ is displayed on the host.

Also, after a quick look at the blocks and the extension code, I’m guessing that, to build a multi console game, I am supposed to start a controller service on the host console and start controller client on other client consoles. But in the v0.0.5 release, controllerservice.ts is not included in pxt.json, and jacdac.controllerService is not exposed.

Sorry for all the silly questions above. :rofl:

What is jacdac?
Nice meowbits you have there

We are in the midst of rewriting JACDAC so it’ll probably be broken for the next month or 2 (or working intermitendly). JACDAC is a communication protocol that brings the flexibility of USB to micro-controllers. You can read more about it at https://microsoft.github.io/jacdac-ts

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That sounds cool