I am trying to make a system where you can shoot, and the projectiles do different values of damage. For example, a missile will down 2/3 of the status bar, but bullets will only do about 0.1 in the system values. My only problem is that I need the bullets to come from the player, but still be classified as a custom sprite, not a projectile.

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get the position of the player, then create a variable sprite with your custom spritekind, then make the velocity depending on where they’re coming from.

The problem with that is then I would need to keep track of the player’s position, and that would lag my low-end PC.

no, it wouldn’t, you would just have to start tracking when the player presses your desired button to shoot, then stop tracking after its done shooting.

this is all the code you need:

He want’s custom SpriteKinds, so he can take different amounts of health away when it hits an enemy

then make this:

Also, I like the prototype look of your placeholder bullet. :laughing: