What is a 980 error on a PyGamer?

I tried porting a game to my pygamer and it ports and runs fine until one point where it crashes and gives a 980 error code on-screen. At that point only resetting works. Anyone knows what’s up?

Here’s the list of all (assuming it’s up to date) error codes we have made: https://arcade.makecode.com/device/error-codes and a smaller list of more common errors https://arcade.makecode.com/hardware/errors (although looking at that page it looks like there’s a typo on that error number :confused: ) – as noted there 980 is attempted cast from an undefined value to another type – usually it comes from trying to do something with undefined. Could you share the game?


It was @UnsignedArduino’s procedurally generated platformer

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Ah hm, sounds like someone else ran into an error there as well – looks like we might have a compiler bug going to hardware somewhere in there that doesn’t match. That will likely need some time to figure out the error so I’ll post an issue. This post lists that they have a version that worked on hardware: Procedurally Generated Platformer - #41 by squidink7 which is this one:


(posted issue here: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues/4801)


Nice, thanks

Hmmm, for some reason I am unable to reproduce this with my original v1 link on my PyGamer. (Also, I feel like the RNG changed??? Or maybe I’m just bad at my own games :laughing:)

(I also responded the same on the GitHub issue, but wanted to post this here as well)