What is `sim error: calling non-funtion`?

I’m asking because
A. it screws up any flow I have when programming;
B. The docs have no info whatsoever on it.

Usually, refreshing the page or switching platform solves it, implying it doesn’t come from bad programming. Does anyone else have issues with it, or an explanation?

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Can you show me the code / a smaller project that you managed to replicate the error on?

Thaat’s the problem: This isn’t a code error, aas it seems to happen after using the editor for too long, and it jumps aabout a lot from project to project, and from desktop to desktop. What I can say, from experience, is it happens more on my Mac with Firefox, but that likely won’t help. (Sorry, dust got under my space and A key, doublestroking happens a lot now, lots of spelling errors here)

In short, if I got a caling non-funnction, your pc wouldnn’t show it too without a major coincidence.

Hmm then its prob an account thing :confused:

Should we ask Richard?

calling non-function is a simulator error, not an editor error. it happens when you try to call something that isn’t a function like a function. for example:

(null as any)()

in this code, i cast the null value to the any type and then call it as a function. this isn’t the only one way to get this error, there are many different code snippets that can cause this to happen (i just wrote this nonsense code as an example).

do you typically see this in blocks or in text coding? also, can you share a project where you’ve seen it happen? sometimes the sim slows down once the editor has been open for a while, so it could be a race condition of some kind that is showing up

it would be very helpful if you could share any game you’ve seen this happen in.

I’m getting the same error, a link to my project is below and as the previous commenter said doing a hard refresh of the page clears the error only for it to return later. I didnt notice the error until doing a large chunk of python coding to do some tedious list operations and string concatenations.

Ye, that sounds about right…

I’ll link to a game with this error when I get home, but for now, if it helps, I have noticed patterns between either it happening the second a project starts to run, or when I use a lot of extensions like I usually do… This error, to me is the equivalent of my python editor telling me there’s an error on the python files itself, and that happens a lot, when it does I’ll just give up on the project and recode it from scratch again