Whisker's Adventure!

A real banger! It’s kinda like the binding of isaac, but my version. Play as Whicker, and collect funky items like the void, and fight weird bosses like Cat II and Bob! And get ready to fight the final boss, GOD!


This is fun! Thanks for a retro good time!

This is soooooooo GOOD I want more levels!!!
Got to Cat II
Will get to god
Whisker's Adventure! - Google Chrome 3_18_2022 12_30_26 PM

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I love this game

Hi! THanks for all the support! I will make a longer version if you want! (although i forgot to put the cat.co logo) I have a small gaming company call cat.co entertainment, and I make lots of games!

@InvalidProject99 Hey there! I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of all your games… they’re all so fun! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@Lucas_M @PrinceDaBezt123 Also I think I forgot to put the link to my new game : Whisker’s Adventure Remastered…so I’ll put the link here!


Hey @InvalidProject99 , May I use Whisker’s adventure For a game if that is fine with you?

SUre, just include the cat.co logo in it.

I Really like this game!!!:smile_cat::joy_cat:A bit too much

Hey, I have wondered @Lucas_M , how can I have this featured on the microsoft page??? ( if ican that is )

I think you have to get #featured-game on your game by the devs some thing I always wanted
or you could win a game jam