Ashlet's Adventure

(warning, this is not a copyright of Whisker’s adventure…)
Whisker is being pulled into hell by… Satan!? but, why?
it is up to Ashlet to save whisker
(Ashlet is whisker’s sister)
(don’t know when the release date will be)
(Invalidproject69, may I use whisker’s adventure for this game?)


@InvalidProject99 You NEED to see this

Could this be a community project???

Sequel to Whisker’s Adventure. somewhat fanmade. Yet, no copyright? :neutral_face:

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Sorry if i put the wrong number for invalidproject

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Oh, hey @Lucas_M

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sure, why not make this a community project?

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yes, not a copyright

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THis is a remix!!!


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alright @Lucas_M , I need ur help, bring some people from the community so we can make ideas of how we can make this remix cool…

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Also, you did find out how to get the secret ending!? I really hoped someone would find it!

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Damn, this is sick! I want to join in. Maybe i could help bring in some Whicker’s Adventure vibes into this sick remix? ( and no, there won’t be copyright, as long as logo is at the start of the game. )

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Yes but you have to make Shure you credit Mr. @InvalidProject99 for the original game.

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I did

lil code here. my plan is every floor, it is going to be a 2D platformer, and every time she goes to a new floor, she goes deeper into hell, ok?

  • Yah! l really like the new idea!
  • Meh. Maybe it could be better.
  • Nah! This plan won’t work out.

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Yah, you don’t have to credit me too much.

( hi, i’m lil code but i’m the younger brother of invalid 99 )

Wait, you do know the secret ending ends with Whisker taking Rick’s curse, right?


Oh no in the project I made she was climbing a tower but we can change that I am open to chage

Just so you know, @gideonmayhew , you need to be on HARD MODE to get the Real secret ending, I can tell cuz the picture looks different on HARD MODE, but damn!!! Great job beating rick, he is hard.

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