Who knows, how can I rotate a spirit?

I’ve looked at all the blocks carefully, but I still haven’t seen the block that can let me rotate an spirit. Does anyone know how to do it?

There really seems to be no way to rotate an image using blocks only, but it can be easily done in Javascript like this: https://makecode.com/_HedcEAPDhLqy

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Thank you very much, this really solves the problem.

BTW: On the PyGamer I faced crashes, when rotating an image and needed to add a wordaround:
See also https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=164807&p=810471

Thanks for this - I love it!
For some reason it complains about a width property of null when the angle is anything but 90,180, or 270?

How do you do this with 91 degree angle etc?

Also look at all this cool stuff! - what is doubledX? blitRow?

Image literals (img``) need to be cloned before any mutation operation. You can maybe try again on a clone() of the image.

You only can rotate the image in 90° steps. That’s by design.

well…If you load this extention by @AlexK

and run this i simplified by jacob_c

It doesn’t have to be realistic, just believable - I believe it’s rotating!