Why did all my game progress get deleted and how to get it back?

So, the Pikmin game I was talking about got scrapped and I began turning it into a Turn-Based RPG, I have worked for 5 hours trying to make it the best I could, then I realized it was being worked on from another tab so I closed it out, then the tab I was using to work on it just refreshed, and then all the stuff I added in got removed. I tried to see if there was a copy version of the game like it usually does but there wasn’t. I’m very upset. Is there any way to restore the code I made for the game? Because I don’t wanna do it again.
Here’s the link for it:

@richard or @MakeCode could probably help

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Instead of waiting for the code to restore, I just restored it myself. So this is no longer a problem! Hooray!

Hey PersonMakesNewGames! So sorry it took us this long to follow up with you here. I’m glad you were able to restore the game yourself. Would you be comfortable sharing how you managed to do it? That’d certainly be valuable data for us to know.

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Sorry, I think I might’ve said it wrong, at the time I posted that I didn’t know how to explain it but I just meant I redid the code. Sorry for the misunderstanding :(

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Ah, no worries, though I’m sorry to hear you had to go through all that again.

Just to let you know, we’re currently looking into a version history feature that should help restore projects when this sort of thing happens. No concrete ETA on it yet, but it’s very much on our radar. We know it’s a huge pain to lose work like this and we want to do everything we can to avoid it in the future.