Microsoft MakeCode

Umm help pls?

Does anyone know how to get back a game you were making that got completely erased while you were advancing in it and you didn’t save it?
I’m asking this because I dumb and did not save a game I was making and I was animating my sprite and the game suddenly just erased, the only thing I have left is the variable for my sprite but I lost my sprite desing, I lost everything :,|

You could try the undo feature at the bottom right corner of the screen:
Screenshot 2021-07-19 174324
Otherwise, I don’t think there is a way.

Then there’s no other way ;w; I tried that but it didn´t work, I’ve completely lost the game I was making ÚmÙ welp, now I know that it was a good decision to open a new project and start re,making the game, but thanks anyway, I still haven’t erased the last project for this game so I can try it again because what I did was to put ctrl z to undo it but I can try using the button nwn

I’m not a makecode worker, so there might be some catalog of deleted games that I don’t know about or something, but from my experience of games being deleted, I don’t think there’s another way to get a lost game back :frowning:

Oh ok, thanks for the request, I suppose I was too late for doing that but it can still help me if I lost another game :slight_smile:

One bug I have noticed with Makecode is that if you use Ctrl + Z to undo, it erases all sprite images.

But that never happened to me before, I always use ctrl + z, and I still use it and it doesn’t happen…

I suggest you use github to manage your project. When you add some important resource files, you can submit to github first.

Huh, that means that they probably just fixed it.

@I_Love_HxH unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve your deleted games once they’ve been deleted (the webpage does give you a warning that the game can’t be brought back), there is no catalogue of deleted games as far as I know, and the undo/Ctrl + Z can only undo things in the editor, deleting the whole game is a manual-only action (unless you use the ‘Tab’ key till the delete button is in a frame and you press ‘Enter’. Sorry for whatever game you lost :frowning: .

I’ve had my sprite images disappear from that a while ago when had already spent like 8 hours on sprites and I had to remake all of them.

I tried that but I still don’t understand how to use github, but thanks for the request!

Maybe they did, but still, I’ll more careful next time I use ctrl z

That happened to me once, well many times but with only one game, but it was because of something I made wrong, I remade the desings of the level but they kept on erasing and not even the simulator worked, that happened to me in a game called °*.Akiko Hashimoto.*° but I found the mistake there and fix it so it’s good now