Why does this require an A button to run next function?

I’m experimenting with changing levels based on time. This means making new level timer variables (as far as I can tell, using the “countdown” won’t work on multiple levels but I’m open to being taught differently!).

Anyway, I’m creating a level 1 with a function (createLevel1) which starts with a timer that counts down from 10 to 0. It should then launch the function (createLevel2), which sets up a new timer variable and counts down from 6.

Why do I need to press the A button to launch the 2nd function at the end of the first function? Shouldn’t it just launch automatically? What am I missing here?

The splash block pauses the game until the player presses A. If you just want to print some text on the screen, try using the sprite say block or the storytelling extension

Thanks! I knew it was something simple that I just didn’t know about Arcade…

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