Why I've been gone (if you can remember me)

Now, I can’t blame you if I don’t ring any bells in your mind. I was only actually heavily active on the forums for about a month.

I feel like I was given alot of cool opportunities during my stay, I thought the ‘Coder King’ competition was an awesome thing to be invited to. Overall, I essentially really wanted new user of the month, and really liked Makecode Arcade. But after a while, I’ve found more productive things to do with my time & energy then Makecode.

I’m probably going to be somewhat active this winter, and I’m still actually working on an amazing game right now. Even if you don’t remember me that’s okay, I’m still grateful for this community as it’s thought me alot. And I’m still reading new topics and I will try to like and reply to more discussions from now on.

Thanks for reading :sweat_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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