Why sprite overlap events and tile overlap events are handled differently?


Not much experience with game coding, just out of curiosity, why sprite overlap events are handled concurrently while tile overlaps events are not.

As in the above demo, the game halts when player is on the ‘bush’ tile because of the pause(2000). Caught by a student building a trap that slows player for a period when stepped on, he made these traps a special tile and implemented slowing the player in sprite-tile overlap callback. Suggested changing to a trap sprite as a workaround.

Is there any conceptual misunderstandings here?

@jwunderl any idea? I think this might just be an oversight

Yeah, I’m pro running the tilemap overlaps in parallel with the same drop while running behavior as sprite overlaps.

Maybe a little bit weird with the wall collisions running synchronously (because you want to be able to e.g. flip the speed within the frame to bounce on a wall) which I think is why it wasn’t done before, but I don’t think that’s a blocker.

Cool, misunderstandings are hard to changed for young students, just to make sure didn’t miss something important.