Wii Sports on Makecode Arcade v0.3.7

Wii Sports Alpha v0.3.7
I created Wii Sports version 0.3.7 on Makecode Arcade.
For those who do not know about this project I am creating a game that simulates all the Wii Sports maps but the game will not be normal but scary. I don’t say anything else.
However the number of this version, or 3.7, and since in the game I have added maps. In this case I have added the Baseball and Golf map.
I wanted to make after the Baseball map the Golf map first instead of the Bowling map because the map is a bit complicated to make, in the sense of texture and the map itself.
In the Baseball map I made it inspired by a real baseball field, but there are still no stands to put in a perfect way as in the game. Instead in the Golf map I made it from a video I saw about the real game, but I still have to finish the aforementioned map because I would like to make the map come out randomly, like in the game. In the sense that I create some maps and when the user clicks “Golf” in the main menu the choice of the map is taken randomly.

This project is still in Alpha but I will try to finish it as soon as possible by posting the updates of the versions here on the Forum.

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I really look forward to see your full game! Keep it up!