Working flashlight

Can you make a flashlight that actually works

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You can use the shaders extension (riknoll/arcade-shaders). First create a flashlight sprite and make everything else black. Next, create a shader in the shape of a flashlight beam. On A (or any other) button pressed, if the light beam is visible, set the invisible flag to true and vice versa

Well, you could just the screen to be white for it to be in real life :wink:

You can also use @felixtsu’s lantern extension:

I have curated a list of extensions, which you can find here.

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I cant get into github my parents blocked it is there another way i can get it

Hmmmm…why would someone block GitHub? What’s wrong with it?

If you click Advanced and then Extensions:
It should bring up this:

Paste in the GitHub URL here:

If it fails, you are going to have to find a way to access GitHub.

I do not want to motivate you to do anything against your parents wishes/concerns, but there is a way you can access github. You can open an incognito tab in chrome, go to and find this topic. Next click on UnsignedArduino’s link to his github list. You should be able to access it. If you have a chromebook, login as a guest and do the same if the previous method fails.

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If his/her parents block the website network-wide, then that method is useless.

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Something like this?


how u make dat

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Now all you have to do is set the flashlight beam distance to 16 and you have a working horror game!



Added to this ext

Demo project:

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The file might help sense im on an ipad