Would making a gameboy emulator be possible

i dont think it will but just wondering?

edit: forgot to say “in makecode arcade”


As far as the Gameboy screen goes, we can resize the simulator screen and change the color pallete. But I don’t think it would be possible to make an emulator that uses Gameboy ROMs in makecode arcade. I’m sure a couple simple Gameboy games could be ported, but they would have to be converted to Makecode by hand. Also, I don’t know if the makecode arcade proccessing is strong enough to play Gameboy games at a high framerate. But still, it might be possible. Things like this would probably be doable by some expert, but because this is a very small community, those “experts” probably have better things to do. However, there has been an emulator for the Pokitto, which is similar to Makecode.

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Emulators require massive amounts of space and other computery things (CPU or something… I don’t know much about computers) and they need to read a lot from files and roms. It wouldnt be possible without super suped-up hardware that would just cost more to make than a gameboy


I think so! do you mean like a singular game (like Super Mario Land) or do you mean a full on emulator like Dolphin?