Yaaay i did isometric tiles

as you may have noticed ive beeen doing isometric tile stuff and havent really worked but after loads of work i present to you something im really proud of wich i know isnt amazing but i rarely make anhting i like so yeh


can someone please make the controls for me wich would be jumping up and down jumping up onto higher platforms sliding up the slopes and down like a slide and moving diaganol


When you go down a slide you can stop and go of the tilemap

I am SPEECHLESS! How did you do that? I have always wanted to make a game like this but couldn’t figure out how to, I admire you skill!

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if anyone can make jumping from levels of tile height and falling off of cliffs id be amazed

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This is AMAZING!!! I wonder if you can actually make a game or a simulator out of that… What about a strategical marble run? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

heres a grid ti draw things with all you do is go to the second slide thing of the animation and put the transparency onion thing on so you can see how much 16x16 tiles are select them with the grid thingy and copy it into a tile

(i suggest having two open so you dont constantly go from opening tilemap closing it animation and repeat)

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can someone please add walls to this somehow

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Your isometric skill are just admirable. I personally would be utterly bamboozled by the tilemap designing!