Yarn-Single Button Platformer

Have Fun!!!


Wow, great pico-8 port!

Out of curiosity, how did you move all of the assets and code into arcade? Did you make a tool to do it or are you doing it by hand?

Wow! Is this for sure a pico-8 game? Can Lua code work with Microsoft Makecode? This is really cool!

just finished it - it was amazing i got all stars and around 7730 points

I did it by hand. Here’s how I made it:

  1. Open the game with pico-8 desktop, and then press “ESC” to enter the game editing. You can view these contents: game assets, game source code, game maps, game media, etc.

  2. Move assets and maps. I finished it by hand.

  3. Read Lua code and understand game logic.

  4. Porting code is usually a little difficult because I don’t know much about the interface of pico-8. Here is a Wiki to help me quickly understand its meaning. This is the link: https://pico-8.fandom.com/wiki/Pico-8_Wikia. How to quickly find the API, you can find the one on the left :mag:, Then enter the API you want to know, usually first in the search results.

  5. Some underlying interfaces of arcade platform are usually used:

screen. drawImage
screen. drawTransparentImage
screen. print
screen. fillCircle
screen. fillRect
screen. setPixel
game. onShade
game. onPaint
game. onUpdate



I am curious though how did you do this , if you made it yourself well done but if you ported it also well done as I’ve tried to port Games for some time

Oh ok I kinda asked then you replied before my message went through :sweat_smile:

are you going to make more levels?

@demoCrash how do you make those level select and level restart star next level select

You can read my source code.

Sorry, my current plan is to port more pico-8 games to arcade platform :grinning:

This is a really good game, I hope you make more of these games.

This game is incredible!