World race


Left/Right - Steer
A - Accelerate
B - Brake/Drift


yano how you port pico 8 games can you please do a sonic the hedghof port.i would love that so much

OMG this is amazing

noice man

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@demoCrash WOW. THIS IS INSANE. It has the BEST graphics and it’s such a fun game! BEST GAME EVER

Step 1:

Export the 128 * 128 Atlas of pico-8. Use this command on pico-8 desktop:

export sprite.png

Then open the folder where the exported file is located, and command:


Step 2:

git clone

Then modify the defaultpalette to pico-8 palette

Finally, run the local service according to readme.

Step 3:

Use the tool in step 2 to generate the picture code of the 128 * 128 atlas. Then copy it to the arcade.

Step 4:
Write ts code according to the game source code of pico-8.


can i do this on chromebook? im confused on what i have to download onto mydesktop and do i have to write out the entire code or just copy it and how do i even use pico 8

The source code of pico-8 is in lua language and cannot be copied and pasted directly to the arcade platform. And if you don’t use the pico-8 client, you can only get the source code from the browser, not the picture.

so i doubt i will be able to make ports on pico 8 unfortunately

if you do ever have any time free could you please port a sonic the hedhog pico 8 game with the same physics and slopes as sonic please with the rings and stuff so i could edit that to somehow make levels and edit the art

if you did that i would be so gratefull :slight_smile:

Cool this the other 3D racing game have seen other than this

but your port is great

could you possibly port this game :

Hi! Could anyone make Asphalt 4? I played it on my moms old samsung (from 2007 or so) and I have many memories

@demoCrash I Made A Modded Version!

  • New Tracks
  • Higher Speed Limit
  • Harder CPU
    (LOL This Is The Most JavaScript I Had To Understand In My Life)