Yelda V2

This is my game inspired by Zelda with 2 player shooting and enemies to fight.

This is version 2 of this game pleas if you have any suggestions to improve the game or anything that you liked please write it in the comments

in this version I added:

A chest that will randomly drop food that will heal you

An improved 2 player mode with character select.

A story that will be continued in the future with more levels

modified levels


general bug fixes


Interesting Game. There are a very good ideas.

Some times, the player 2 cross the walls. I don’t know if there’s a way to solve it. Supose it’s due to the “stay in sceen” comand. Put it off could be more funny, I think.

Thank you for the comment I will fix the 2 player problem soon and I will be adding more levels with a coherent storyline.

When the update with more levels and a storyline will be made i will make sure to post it onto this discussion

Hello Magma, I Just fixed the bugs with the game and I am currently working at adding more levels to the game with a bit of story around it.