Yonderlands - Save the World!

Welcome to Yonderlands! Where something is always going wrong! Here is a collection of simple 3D games, each of them featuring you saving Yonderlands in some fashion.

Crippled World
Collect the shards to stabilize the Yonderlands!

Dystopia War
Take out the skeleton horde that’s threatening the Yonderlands!

Warped Gravity
Deal with weird gravity while trying to fire a missile to blow the moon back into place!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


bro i love these games
can u make more pls, ik it might be alot of work

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I’m so glad you like the games! :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to make more!


Here’s the next Yonderlands game!

Perilous Drought
Keep the golden trees alive!

Which Yonderlands games are your favorites so far?

  • Crippled World
  • Dystopia War
  • Warped Gravity
  • Perilous Drought

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