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1 and million chance\

You’ll have a better chance of winning the lottery than this game

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It looked like this page is missing :frowning:

What does that mean?

I see what you mean now

try this now


I got soooooo close like, 3 times.

Cool idea!

Haha I was like one tile away from the portal once, but still no luck. It would be cool to have a counter to see how many rolls you’ve done too!

I won on my second roll! :money_mouth_face:


Then you got pretty lucky

You could see how many rolls you made now with a little edit.


Thanks for playing my game

Made it :slight_smile:


112th try lucky!!

If anyone is curious, the actual chances of winning are 131/4897

I mention this only to prevent others from spending time calculating it, not because it matters (might as well be a million).

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I was exaggerating to but thanks for the facts though

37.3816794 % chance

But it feels like a 1/1,000,000…

Nice, I got it on my 6th try!





But, I had to modify the code a bit to automatically role itself after 1 second, because I’m lazy. :slight_smile:

Should I actually try to make a million chances or will that crash my computer again

Never mind it only goes up to 512x512 I think