1 in a million with text sprites

This is with text sprites. Thx @darzu for making this extension

haha, this has got to be the most difficult game made yet!


Chance games are my favorite because they don’t require skill

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This game is 1/900000

no its 1 in 1000,000

No because the first digit cant be 0 so 9*10^5 math

9 options for first digit, ten options for the rest

More math

it can’t be 900000 because i pick one number that is from 1-1000000. Then match the numbers which gives you a 0.0000001% chance

@Dreadmask197 is correct! The number of digits is not fixed; if you look at the code it chooses a random number between 1 and 1,000,000 (inclusive)

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Tis, granted, I have made a false calculation. I now completely understand the fact of which.

I only understood the false fact of which the given number in thee program was accounted to be seven digits.

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Yee formula is used in thy probability.

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May I disagree?


Trying to save my mouse and space key.

Just click the A button once and you are off!

EDIT: Here is a new version that tells you how long it took!


I have wanted something like this!

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