3D Idea - Tilemap Layering

So, I’m wondering, would it be possible to layer tilemaps on top of eachother in the raycast 3d engine to create a pseudo 3d? I created a demonstration image to show what I mean (blue circle represents player spawn.

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Is it possible? Yes.

Will you have good performance? Most likely not. @AqeeAqee, the creator of the wonderful ray casting extension, already said that rendering a floor and ceiling is a big performance hit already.


Wait it is RAYCASTING I bet it could have better performance if it was RAYTRACING.

Ray casting and ray tracing are completely different things.

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Excuse me, sir. What’s raytracing? :innocent:

Tracing rays, duhh… JK, it’s a method used to retrieve data from rays that are emitted from the player. While the same is done in raycasting, raytracing attempts to simulate realistic lighting effects. Raytracing is super heavy though, and even the best computers struggle with it sometimes so for MakeCode it’s completely out of bounds. You can learn more about it here:

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Thank you Mr. @Sarge! :innocent:

Without lighting.

Here’s a video I found of how the original DOOM rendered layers. Something like this would probably be the best bet, but it all depends on if anyone wants to attempt making something like this in Arcade… I have no intentions on attempting something like this, and Idk if it will ever happen…


you should post this on 3d one!

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What do you mean by that? The point of raytracing is to simulate lighting effects…