So, about a game I wanted to make…

For a while, I’ve wanted to make a Super Mario 64-like game using Raycasting in Makecode Arcade. But due to my HUGE lack of experience in coding, Raycasting limitations, and other visual issues, I’m having trouble doing it. Is there any way I can actually make a game similar to SM64, or at least a 2D or 2.5D version of it?? :face_with_monocle:

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Raycasting would be cool, except for

  1. only one layer (can’t jump onto a platform)
  2. can’t have an overhead camera
  3. when using a floor it will have bad hardware perf

I know. One of the main problems I had was that everything just felt like a labyrinth. And 3D platforming isn’t possible yet because there aren’t other layers.

So if 3D is a no-go, then how could I simulate gameplay in, for example, 2.5D?

a form of isometric would work, although for instance you wouldn’t be able to go behind a mountain. with the right level design though, isometric would work

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So…Paper Mario style? Or do you mean something similar to The Legend of Zelda?

here is an older example of isometric in makecode, if you were to make an isometric game though, I would recommend using the mini tilemap extension for better collision

credit to @Segatendo


I could probably use this in a game. A couple of modifications and it should work.

And if the project doesn’t go as intended, I planned to make a Mario Party game with a bunch of Makecode characters…stay tuned for that, actually. :wink:

Speaking of, how would it be possible to create a board for a Mario Party game? I’m having trouble making the characters actually move on the spaces instead of just going through the board.

This might help make a barebones version.

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