A Plug for Scott Hanselman and Start. Dev. Change!

This one’s a bit off-topic, but I thought it was too good not to share.

I know that many of you here are just beginning to learn about computer programming, and I’m so glad you’re all here! I also know that quite a few of us here have been doing this for a while. Whether you have been programming for just a few months, or if you’re like me and have been doing this for decades, or if you’re somewhere in between, there always is something to learn. It’s what keeps me in this profession, and it’s why I love working with computers. This world never stops changing … and, I don’t think it ever will.

Our friends over at Microsoft just wrapped on their Start. Dev. Change! event. Scott Hanselman gave the keynote, and I thought he did a brilliant job at distilling the four primary components to computer programming:

  • Problem solving
  • Layering
  • Composition
  • Patterns

Regardless of the language, paradigm, or tooling that we use, we always build programs with these tools.

To me, though, Scott’s most important message is this: No matter where we are in our careers, we always have something to learn.

If you’re looking to learn something new, then check out the content from Microsoft’s most recent developer’s event, Start. Dev. Change!

Scott also has this really cool series called Computer stuff they didn’t teach you in school.

Sorry for the OT post. Have fun, friends, and never stop learning.

I should mention that, with no exaggeration, Scott Hanselman is one of my heroes. He and I have common philosophies on many fronts, and I have learned a lot from him, both as a computer scientist and as an educator. A tip o’ the hat from a fan, Scott. You’re one of the best.


Scott’s website and YouTube films are an inspiration and always provide an interesting insight into the field of computing.