A random Pizza Tower game

Caution! LONG POST

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about a certain game called “Pizza Tower”. From videos of gameplay I’ve seen, it looks really cool! But of course, there is always that one person that attempts to recreate popular games in Makecode. So…I’m going to be that person.

Here is an early link demonstrating the basic abilities (Dash, Ground Pound, Crouch) with a small test map. I’ll update the map to add various things, such as enemies and new abilities, before working on the ACTUAL game.

Please feel free to criticize this game as it is and suggest features. Like characters…! :open_mouth:

There are 3 things you’ll need to keep in mind before suggesting a character, though.

  1. I will try my best to recreate your character in the Pizza Tower art style, so don’t be surprised if it looks different than what you suggested.

  2. Not too many custom colors (unless absolutely necessary.)

  3. Each character will have 2 special moves that are exclusive to that character alone. When suggesting those along with the character, don’t make it too OP (like a teleport) or too hard-to-code (like a clone). I’m not even that good of a coder anyway, so I want to keep this simple here.

That’s it! Thanks for reading this post, and playing my game!


Update: The screen size has been increased (along with the HUD), and the test map size has been increased as well.

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Hey @TheConeGuy! I wouldn’t mind helping you out with this project! what about a slime who has to save all his fellow slimes after they all Get kidnapped by the EVIL FARQUIDIUS-WART! a frog-king who eats slimes!

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Hmm…Now that’s an idea! I wanted the story of the game to mainly revolve around coding, but I could incorporate some of that into the game if you’d like.

Also, the blue slime guy was meant to be a placeholder character, but I might keep him into the final game :wink:

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Oh! Well (if you want it!) I have another idea that i came up with when i was like, 6, Ahem a pixel gets seperated from it’s screen, and must venture through a world of 1s and 0s (I thought that was all coding was :sweat_smile:), in order to get in their rightful place in the games code all the while destroying bugs and random glitch thingamabobs.! ‘m not sayin’ you gotta use my ideas, but I’m here and ready to help!


Thanks for the help, then! I appreciate it.
Right now I’m working on adding different rooms, adding a Super Jump (required in vertical levels), enemies, taunts, collectibles, etc. I’ll let you know if I run into any problems.

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@Nerdiest I need some help with 3 things that I want to add to my game.

  1. When the character dashes, would it be possible to create an afterimage? Kind of like this…

  1. Another thing, is it possible to make the character drift when switching directions while dashing, instead of just instantly turning? I tried to use friction x for this, but it didn’t really work.

  1. This is basically an opinion question, how do YOU think I could create a main character for the game? I tried to make this character from a Pizza Tower mod (upper image,) and this other character (lower image,) but I’m not sure how that could work. Any tips?
    character 1


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So 1. yes that is possible (though I’ve only tried this once!) so when the Player dashes create a few copies of the charechter that follow that sprite then destroy the sprites after the action is done! 2. I think it’s possible but I’ve never tried to do it 3. I can help with animations and sprites! Just send me a breif of your charechter and I’ll do the rest!

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Okay! I’ll try to make a sketch of the potential player when I have the time. I’m in another state right now, so I’ll reply later when I get the chance.

Also, if possible, could you provide some code for the drifting? I’m not exactly sure how that would wirk, so I’m asking for clarification-

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Um…sure I’ll try! And whenever you can get it to me is fine!

“But of course, there is always that one person that attempts to recreate popular games in Makecode.” Most of my games are sorta inspired by games I played (The Arctic is inspired by Decaying Winter, Grandwatch Raiders is inspired by Entry Point, and I could go on and on about these) But these are lesser known and not really popular.

Hey there, this is an update on the process of making the game. Still in another state, but I’m creating concepts of the main character of the game (the pixel dude named “Bit” is going to be the second playable character,) the bosses, and enemies. Stay tuned :wink:

Also @Nerdiest how’s it going with creating the drifting? Just curious…

Drifting is simple. Instead of changing the player’s x position change it’s x velocity when you move.

What do you mean by that? Do you mean “as you drift your x velocity rapidly decreases until you change direction”?

Just not sure what you mean… :sweat_smile: If you could provide some code, that would help tremendously.


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Oh! I thought it was something like stopping the animation and slowing down the charechter…(sorry Cone Guy!)

Can you please put my character in?

His name is Sameni
AKA Agent 22
Since he’s based of an inkling, first special attack is “Killer Kannon” which is a beam of light that passes through walls(its like killer wail).2nd special attack is a shield that lasts for about 10 seconds.

Please put him in!

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that is a huge number how many sprites are there

Sorry, I’m not sure that code worked…Could you try recreating that on the current version of the game?

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It’s fine! Don’t worry about it, I think @Brohann is helping me with drifting anyway.