A snapshot extension for Screen or Tilemap

Hi there!
This is a new extension that take a screenshot or a snapshot of current tilemap. Device data transfers are via usb connection, then to console. A work-around-alike implement, before there would be a dedicate way in Arcade/Makecode in the future.

Extension Url




Output screen image define codes to console. Especially for device(though it can work on sim as well), for there’s no way to get a screenshot on device by now as far as I know. E.g. save your art in a drawing project.


Output current tilemap define codes to console. Useful when you edited tilemap in run-time and want to saved it for reuse in later projects, work for both sim and device too.



  • Connect device via usb, choose hardware, make sure connection icon shown before download button.
  • After called functions, click the “Show console Device” underneath the simulator, copy and paste codes from log textbox into anywhere of the Code Editor, then you could see the tilemap or screenshot image by click the icon ahead the first line of these codes


For tilemap, the tiles hex string very likely too long to display in single line in console, if it wrapped into 2 lines, join the them together before use, or bottom tiles will be lost.

in above, tiles hex string was wraped, join them together as below

Any feedbacks are always welcome and appreciated.