TilesXtra - new extension with animated tiles

Preview of new extension, there will me much more than animated tiles :crazy_face:, right now you can have some fun with it, check different animation types.
Simple add-on, that can make any scene alive :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile:


This is incredible! The art is so amazing :heart_eyes:


AWESOME! That’s some seriously amazing animations!

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Ayo, HOW?

What’s the GitHub address for this, I need it for my Pokémon water animation. Those animations are awesome!


It works fine in 3d projection :slight_smile:


OK. I’m literally sold.


this extension is AWESOME but when i added it the ectension broke my game and deleted all the art and i had to delete the ectension

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do you know how to add it withought that happening

You need to open my demo, press Edit Code > Java Script >click Explorer and find tilesXtra.ts, select and copy whole code, then open your project in Java Script, click plus sign, choose name (can be same - tilesXtra.ts) and copy my code. Then you should be get new blocks at the end of Scene category :slight_smile:


There is an easier way to do this. You can export your code as an extension, and people can easily add it with a few clicks :slight_smile:

Did anyone make an extension out of this yet?

I did this and it worked but now for some reason when I do it it just cause an error in the game also when the level changes the animation still happens even if those blocks aren’t there so let’s say the second level was in space for example then the water animation from the last one would still be overlapping random tiles from where they were in the last tilemap

Me too, I had the same problem with my tilemaps…

I know this topic is dead. But i really need this for my game. And i would love if you added this as an extension

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If it’s okay with @MrFranko, I could try to make this into a GitHub extension.