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Welcome to the forum for the live streams for MakeCode

  • Want to share a video? Upload it on our flipgrid at
  • Add your questions and comments here and we’ll try the best we can to answer.
  • What would you want to do tomorrow? Tell us how you’d think we could make the show better!

Could you precise what kind of video we can share here and how we do that?
The login I saw was a “Educator login”.
Is is something specific with conditions to be allowed to have one?

This is related to the schedule at: and the live boradcast at

so this flipgrid is here to be watched live, not to add ours or previous record done?
just to understand it right, I understand that

Humm… you should be able to add something to it. Let me figure it out now. Thanks for reporting.

You should see a big green button to upload your video…

First, I need to figure out the proper timezone to be able to maximize my interaction with you :wink:
Second, it was not clear that the big gren plus sign was allowing upload because it launch an interface to record. But now I’m in and I will select some videos.
I only see 2 topics, is there any way to add arcade.makecode ?

Anyway, thanks for all your work (and I mean, all your work for the past years also :wink: )

PS: for my micro:bit videos, some are quite old now and UI is so different now. I’ll keep more recent ones and I hope to be able to post in a Arcade section.