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Students Struggle to Access account from home and school

My students are using the skill map.
I have told them how to synchronize their g-suite school email accounts with chrome and their emails. This should ensure that they are accessing with the same credentials each time. But the work they do at home is not transferring to their account when they access it with the same email accounts at school.
Hints and tips please?
They are all saving links to every program to avoid tears (lol exaggeration, but in my experience, it is a huge frustration to lose work, and I forestall this whenever possible! =] so they always share their work with a link.) But I would rather they had the connection working.
Thanks for the help!

Hi Deb. This is coming! Hoping to ship this update tomorrow - right now we’re just saving projects to the cloud. After this latest update, students will be able to save their Skillmap and Tutorial progress to the cloud. By the way, I’ve been meaning to schedule a call with you for feedback - will do that shortly!