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Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit get stuck when read microphone

When I insert a block that read the microphone on an Adafruit Circuit Playground Bluefruit the program get stack. Let’s look for example at this program:


The leds are suppose to blink green and purple but they are not. If I remove the “on loud sound” block from the program then the leds blink green and purple.

I got exactly the same error and tried to debug it, but building a full pxt/codal build-chain seams incredible hard. The Adafruit-Vargrant-Box is broken:


For this error, I’ve added a bug at “pxt-maker”:

As well as an entry at the adafruit forums, but I have no idea if any solid support for “CPb” for a MakeCode implementation is planned from their side:


And on the Discord-Channel I didn’t get a response (yet) either:

So, if anyone has an idea:

a) How to debug this thing?
b) How to find support for this topic?

You would be more than welcome.