CPX NeoStrip-Beeper Issue

I think this is a MakeCode defect but would like it verified before submitting it to GitHub. This Circuit Playground Express MakeCode Program is a stripped-down Morse Code program to demonstrate the issue. Running it on the simulator is enough to show the problem. After watching the LED pattern awhile, turn on sound with a button A click. The sound doesn’t follow the LED pattern as (I think) it should. Also, now another button A click is not recognized. If an Adafruit 3811 3-NeoPixel strip is attached to pin A1 it scrolls 3 LEDs on and 3 LEDs off, but this isn’t necessary to show the problem. A workaround would be nice, but I am mostly interested in helping find the root cause and getting a code fix. Should this be submitted as a MakeCode defect?

Error correction: Adafruit 3811 30-NeoPixel strip