Additional Graphing App (Site): Testers wanted!

Is anyone interested in testing an “Graphing app” that’s an alternative to MakeCode’s graphing? If so, please let me know.

I’m the client for a college senior design project. One use-cases is collecting temperature changes over time for a science experiment.

Can you send a link to download the app?

Sorry — I should have provided a little more info.

It’ll be a website (like to Makecode). The students need to do some usability testing near the end of the month. Testing would involve meeting with the students for ~20-40 minutes and trying it out.

Will it have lots of lag? My computer can’t take much more but I will be happy to help as well!

Once loaded in the browser the graphing software shouldn’t have any lag. That being said, the testing session will probably be done over a zoom session.