Making makecode an app

Recently altho I have gotten help with this make code seems a bit laggy with many and many lines of code so I was thinking could you make makecode an app? I know makecode can be laggy some times with some of my games with around 3000-4000 lines of code and it starts to get quite laggy around 2500.

Why I think an app would fix this: many apps including, Garry’s mod, Elder scrolls, and other complex games seem so work fine with over 5000 lines at a time (only some times these games hit that amount) also take Roblox as a good example you start out in a browser (choice) then go into an app. also .io games are normally laggy.

I am very sorry if this sounds like hate on make code and I don’t intend it that way it ok if you don’t want to or can’t make makecode into an app its just an idea!

Yeah, that seems good, although I use a school Ipad so I would hope they would allow us to use the app _/(° - °)_/