All projects gone from beta

All the projects from my Makecode (beta) Microbit workspace have vanished this morning.

I just loaded up the default version rather than the beta, and they are all there, so I am quickly syncing with Github a few changes which probably weren’t dealt with the other day when I last did something. And saving to my PC some of the scratch-projects and experiments which aren’t on Github.

They should be still in the live editor. Please check.

Yes, everything is on the live editor still, thankfully.

If you return to beta now and let it update, your projects should show up again with v3.0.2 (they were always there, just an issue with the editor not knowing where to look for them). Worth a note that the bump to v3.0.1 means that the live site and beta will be keeping separate versions of your projects from now on (it will copy over your old files the first time, but any changes after that will not transfer between live and beta)

I can confirm, for anyone else noticing this, that after loading the beta again just now and seeing an empty project list again, after a couple of seconds it reloaded - presumably grabbing the updates referred to above - and then my projects reappeared.