Version Control: How to do it?

I have been coding since early 80s, yes I’m old.

Anyways, I like micro:bit and MakeCode, but how do you make new versions of existing projects. It always seems to want to
a) Start from a clean sheet
b) Change and overwrite existing code

Just to be clear, I am talking about in the browser block code.

If you’re familiar with git and GitHub, we support GitHub repos (even for blocks)! Right now this is a beta-only feature, so you’ll need to go to to use it.

Inside the blocks editor there is a GitHub button at the bottom of the screen (the one with the cat icon). If you click on that you can turn the current project into a new repo. You can also import existing repos from the homescreen. Here’s a GIF of me doing both of those things:


Thanks, I did not even notice that import button, thats all I need.