Among Us...?

I know this has been done before but I want this to be the most realistic!
arcade-Among-Us (2)

I got the animations ready for a crewmate (brown apparently) and I used an image as a basis, but did the animations by myself!


Nice, found an issue:

When you press one directional key and another one after that, the amogus keeps moving on the spot, facing the way the most recent key was pressed but still walking from the first keystroke.
Idk if you understand what I just explained just say I’ll try again :smiley:


How to Play
Crewmates :
Right Now the Task that says Fil Oil Can is not functional.
How to Win : Do all of your tasks OR when only 2 remain press the Emergency Meeting Button
Impostors :
Kill the Crewmates before one touches the Emergency meeting button!

note : you may find the constant emergency meeting pressing annoying.

Players : Brown (you), Black, White, Cyan, and Yellow.

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When u are going to continue the coding tourney

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Well I guess I can continue it from Round 5.

Round 5


  1. @I_Love_HxH
  2. @Kiwiphoenix364
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** :goggles:**