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Hey! By the title you can probably tell that I am working on Among US again! But this time… I restarted completly! Everything was just massive! It was my second game and I had no Idea! Now I have some knowledge and I am ready to do It again! In my original Among Us game I had 3 Functions for creating buttons (Kill/Report…)
Now I have a lot of them! Here I will make uodates and I take suggestions!
I hope that that way I can finish it quick and make it good!
Here is the current version! Please do not use it as your game! I do not want to be unfair so please if you show this game to your friends or family please tell them it is not yours! I know it sounds weird but someone from my class showed it to us and said he made it… Well he is now the genius… Even though it is mine! Anyway Here is the game!


Dang I feel bad for you :frowning:

One way I get around this is by putting By Unsigned_Arduino somewhere in the splash screen. Unless they are smart enough to change it to their own name…


Hello! I have a problem! I made a function to animate AI’s but the array won’t flip… look at it and you will understand!


Believe me… he did not even know that it was coded… he said he did it with Among Us Coder…
And it took a lot of time…


Hello again! I have an issue with the meeting function! I have an array with the player names (Red,Blue,Green…) But I want them to have their actual name which is set randomly on start! Is there a way to take the players name and put their names in the array? (Would be nice)
And now the biggest issue! When someone gets killed I want to remove him from the list! But there is only a list remove value at (number) so e.g. I kill green and value 2 gets removed and then if I kill yellow (last) and remove value 7 then it does not work bc the array is shorter… is there any way to remove the specific name in the array?
Thanks! Here is the current version!

Not sure how you will do it in blocks. You have to try something in TypeScript. You can try the following:

interface Map<T> {
     [Key: string]: T;
//declare your meeting map
let meeting: Map<string> = {};
//assign your random names to the meeting using the color key
meeting["Red"] = "RandomName1";
meeting["Green"] = "RandomName2";
meeting["Blue"] = "RandomName3";
//Remove from the meeting map using the color key
delete meeting["Green"];
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Hi,I think it would be better if you were not the impostor,green would not be the impostor every time and instead be randomized(that was not criticism).

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I was just playing the game and when I am an impostor I can never win because it will never let me kill the last person and as crewmate it will not let me do tasks.I also think it would be cool if that if you are an impostor you can still lose by tasks and that the other players are as advanced as green.

Well when it comes to Typescript I have no Idea! Would you mind doing this part for me?

The game is cool except i cant get off the emergency meeting

Oh I am sorry! It is still in progress and I am working hard! But thanks for the information! I have already made Among us before with tasks and more! but no meeting or anything!AMONG US (Game Updates) ! search for this and click on the last working version! I am redoing it bc I have more knowledge now and I can do it better!

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I am sorry for that! But I just recently began with this game and it is still in progress so I have a lot of stuff going on aswell! Also I have problems with it! (Scroll up!)
Thanks anyways!

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Here it is! It removes the names correctly! And I made the meeting exitable (B Button)

@codelegend @UnsignedArduino @Ananddboss @NxNMatrixGL @shakao


You found a blocks solution! Great!

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@shakao I have a problem with flipping an array! I made a function that has 5 pictures! $ for the animation and 1 for the not moving image! Then I made an array in the function and set the array to the 1234 pictures! Then I set array 2 (list 2) to the same and took a thing with for value and flip value! It gets animated but it is constantly flipped! Could you take a look!?

Yes! In order to save memory for your game, MakeCode doesn’t automatically clone images–so when you set list 2 to the same array, it actually points to the same images, it does not make a copy. You’ll need the “clone image” block from the Images category inside your for value block, and clone the image before you flip it.


Oh right! I tried but it didn’t work! Maybe I did it wrong! Could you do It?


Ah I see, you have to clone the images before you add them to the array; if you clone them in the flip picture horizontally block, it does copy the image but it never adds it back to list 2. I would suggest something like this!

(Full code here:

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Nice! I would’ve never solved it on my own! Thanks! Do you have an Idea for the name thing?

Haha yeah, the way MakeCode handles images is kind of hidden and difficult to figure out if you haven’t had it explained! We definitely need to figure out a way to make it easier. And ah, right! Can you describe the problem you’re running into for the name thing again?