AMONG US (Work in Progress)

Yes… I did code Among us in makecode arcade! (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Also! You spawn on the middle table because if you are crewmate green is the impostor and will follow you instantly!
But before you play!
Please do not say you coded it! I dont want anyone to copy it!
Up/Down/Left/Right to move
To start press A
(Do not move while in role screen)
Imposter Controls:
B: VENT(random /(if on dead body) REPORT
Crewmate Controls:
A: TASK (On buttons or usual stuff like wires(no minigame)
B: REPORT (must stand on dead body to report
Here is version 0.1

Newer Versions / Updates:

I like it it’s really cool nice job. :heart:

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Really nice game! Have yiu thought about anything with your little bug of the sprite spawning on the table

Its not a bug! Its just “safety” I can spawn somewhere else but since green is the Impostor (if you are crewmate) He will instantly follow you. So sometimes you spawned next to him and got killed instantly!
I do have a problem with green tho! If I am crewmate he will follow me when I am near him (using sprite utils extension) but I set him to (if he does not follow me to follow his path! But well … he does not follow his path he just keeps there

oh that makes sense.

Do you have any idea on how to fix the not following path bug(set path green lower part of always(there is 2 always) and the rest is at game update every 100ms

This is an impressive project. There’s lots of nice touches like the animations and the custom tilemap. Awesome stuff.

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Hey @DahbixLP! The taskbar doesn’t go up like it does normally

i love it ! , you know you can make so that the player can change his color , but the other will still have their color (which isnt a problem) by make a vairible called color , on each number you have a diffrent color , and when it reaches 12 (the max of colors in among us ) it will return to 1 .
and thank you for making this project

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I know how to Pick a color but I don’t know how to Change all colours of me to a colour (Walking Animation and so in)
But how do I change the color tho? I know I can “customize” it but how do I change the color of the character?
(Without set picture to)

There is this block in the Images category:

You can also pass in an integer instead of picking a color like this:


Just make sure it’s between 0 and 15.

Smart :brain:



“My gunius is the large very.”

                -Markiplier 2020

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Lol! :rofl:

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Hi I like your suggestion but it does not change the color… I dont know why (I set it up like this
(Change Color ((me)image) from (color) to (color) )
I tried it in different versions (always and on button pressed) and nothing…

Can you show the code?

Do you mean all or the color change block?

This one.

Make a share link so we can look at the code more easily.

Sure wait a second