[Announcement] Cloud Sync for Arcade released!

Hi all! Today we’re super excited to announce the general release of Cloud Sync for MakeCode Arcade! When enabled, cloud sync will continuously save your work to the cloud, and synchronize it to other browsers and devices, wherever you use Arcade.

How do I enable it?

When you get the update, you’ll see a new “Sign In” button:

To enable cloud sync, you just need to sign in. The rest is automatic.

How does it work?

Once you’re authenticated, your existing projects will remain local, meaning they’re not all transferred to the cloud at once. To save an existing project to the cloud, just open it in the editor. The editor’s autosave mechanism will trigger a cloud save and viola, you project is in the cloud. New projects are cloud-synced from the moment you create them.

Projects saved to the cloud will have a cloud icon on the project card:

The editor has a new cloud status indicator, to let you know when it is being saved:

For additional detail, see the blog announcement: https://makecode.com/blog/arcade/intro-cloud-sync

Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

More resources

More about how cloud sync works here
More about signing in and Microsoft Accounts here


I like it, but,
How do you guys have an Apple Simulator?! :laughing:

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lemme guess… somewhere there’s a Microsoft Simulator too?

HI Team, my concern is, even printed on the top of this page

Please note, you must be at least thirteen years old to use the forum.

What about the MakeCode users younger than thirteen? do we know all the rules about opening Microsoft accounts as minors?

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They can use Makecode Arcade, but not the forums.

You could tell them not to do it… maybe that will work!

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Hello team and thank you for this new functionality !

Once again, everything is well explained and just as I was loading games in my cardboard cabinet I experienced the updating process so I can already give you some “general” feedback. I used my own Microsoft account to log in.
Cloud sync works well with most of my smaller games but get stuck in endlessly “saving” mode for bigger ones (as there is a size limit of 512K bytes, maybe it could just “stop” trying saving if the file size is too big? And/or would it be possible to display the size of the game in real time ? ).
Another “new” problem I just met is that a message regularely pops up to indicate that the game I am currently working on is “already opened somewhere else” which is not the case as far as I know… (unless some video game company is making a benchmarking meeting for their new AAA title and get inspiration from my creations :smiley: ).
I am interested about feedback as well if someone meets similar problems or just help me understand if I’m doing something incorrectly.

Thank you :slight_smile:


@MonkeyMan thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I will add them to GitHub where we track these things! About the “project already opened elsewhere” issue, I’m wondering if it might be related to having multiple tabs open to arcade.makecode.com, even if they’re opened to different projects. We may have a bug where multiple tabs interfere with each other through cloud sync. When you see this message, are you editing different projects in multiple tabs?

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@kiddiengineer great questions. When creating an MSA account for a minor, if you live in a region that requires permission, you would have an additional step to provide parental consent. See Parental consent and Microsoft child accounts for more detail.

Manage child accounts at family.microsoft.com.

I will review our docs to ensure we’re linking to these resources. Thanks for asking about this!

As @E-EnerG-Gamecentral noted, forum accounts are separate from the MSA accounts used for signing into MakeCode, and different age restrictions apply.

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We are not a Microsoft school. My students have Google accounts. I had them create GitHub accounts so they could connect to Arcade to save their work as I didn’t see any other way. Shortly after setting it up, all my students received a message from GitHub saying this violates their terms of service and their accounts were immediately suspended. They literally just made GitHub accounts using their school email and then tried to use GitHub as the sign in option in Makecode. This has happened in two different classes now, so I have scraped this as an option. I need a workaround.

huh :expressionless:

Yes ! Thank you for this fast answer and my apologies for this late answer.
Yes I’m working with different tabs opened and I went to the conclusion myself that this might drive to some kind of conflict.
I just use the cloud to « save » kind of « finished » project and just use the regular browser save system for ongoing projects. I just pointed this out because I saw the topic while working on MakeCode but I figured out later that 1) I posted in the wrong section and 2) you sent a survey precisely to answer these kind of concern so I’m sorry :innocent:
Good thing if you identified the problem. I’ll just add something more in the wrong place : I just want to thank you for your wonderful project that helped me save my brain and keep it trained out of work in these troubled days. It is so rewarding to be able to learn together with family and achieve something fun. I am amazed by the serious your team and partners are addressing users problems and innovate. The program itself, the team around and the community are extremely inspiring.

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Oh wow just saw this nice new feature!

I concur @E-EnerG-Gamecentral :rofl: