Cloud save issues? Please post here!

Hey all! We’re starting to migrate cloud-saved projects to a new storage system. Over the course of this week and next, we will be progressively moving projects from the old system to the new one. This should all happen seamlessly in the background, without any change to how Arcade behaves. But, if you’re signed in to Arcade and you see something “off” about your project, please let us know here and we will investigate.

We’ve had one report of a cloud-saved project reverting to an earlier version. I’m currently investigating how that could have happened!


I have had 2 projects revert to an earlier version when I shut down the device I was using.

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Sometimes I switch to from a computer to another one and I still closed the page before switching and i still made a copy

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Hi @WishICouldUseGithub, I’m very sorry you lost your work! Were you signed in to Arcade when this happened? When you sign into Arcade with a Microsoft or Google account, we save projects to the cloud. Knowing this will help me rule in or out some recent changes we made to the cloud save system.



I was signed into my google account on Microsoft Makecode Arcade before but then the tab somehow glitched out, I wasn’t signed in anymore, and my project was gone.

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Your cloud-saved projects will disappear when you sign out (or somehow get signed out). If you sign back in, do your projects show up again?

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Yes. I signed back in but my project was just labeled Untitled and only had the default onstart block in it.

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@LonglinhXuhere when this happens, do you get a copy of your project with “- Copy” on the end of the name?

@WishICouldUseGithub Investigating this issue, we found a recently-introduced bug in the save system that would only affect signed in users. It could potentially erase project contents. This might have been the cause of your data loss. A fix was deployed today. Please let us know if you see this issue again!

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OK. Thank you.

Quick update on this issue. We had a bug last weekend in the cloud save system which caused the projects to be not saved in the cloud if you are logged in. This bug was fixed on Monday 03/20. Sincere apologies if anyone lost their progress of the project because of this. We will be extra diligent going forward. Appreciate all your support here.