Makecode Arcade in The Classroom

We run after school clubs for children that look to give them opportunities to explore their creativity through design and technology. We are interested in starting to include Makecode Arcade within the clubs.

I am trying to find out if there is a way of students saving their work. Any information in regards to this or if there are any other options for teachers managing groups of students accounts would be hugely appreciated.

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We’ve got a few ways to handle this. I’m assuming that the local browser storage is insufficient since you’re asking this question in the first place - that works if you have individual accounts for each user, but this sounds more like a shared device / wiping local storage and cache after each session sort of thing.

The easiest set up is going to be just having them login - we support login through microsoft and google accounts at this time, and use that to store their projects in the cloud similar to how it is stored in local storage. More information on that is available here.

Next easiest is probably share links - you’ll see the button to create a share link in the top right corner of the screen. This also shares in the cloud, but does not require you to login - it just generates a unique id to get the project back. More info here.

Last option (well, last extra easy option) is to save it as a file, and have them carry it around on a usb drive. If the student pressess the save button to the right of the name field it will generate a png, or if they press the download button in the bottom left (and chooses a device e.g. meowbit), the file should be able to load back intot he editor just fine. If they’re doing this, it’s good practice to try and load it back in before leaving just in case as there are some edge cases where the file might be too big to include the source - they can do this by just dragging the file (.uf2 or .png) onto the website, or clicking import on the home screening and choosing to import a file.

There’s also support for logging in through github and storing in a repo, but that’s fairly advanced / requires a github account / etc. Information that is here.


Thank you. This is much appreciated.


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