[Announcement] Garden Game Jam Results!

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to present the winners of the Garden Jam! Thank you all so much for your entries, the whole MakeCode Team has had so much fun playing your games (and trying to top each other’s high scores)! :slight_smile: Full details of the winners and judge feedback can be found on the official game jam page.

First place: Potato

by @reyhanPanci256

Click the large potato to earn points. Spend your points to develop your garden.

Second place: Garden Crop Duster

by @jacob_c

Fly a biplane over fields and bomb them with fertilizer! Don’t stall or crash.

Garden Crop Duster

Third place: Snail Hike

by @SPerkins25

Use your puzzle-solving skills to help the snails get to the exit!

Honorable Mentions

It was incredibly difficult to pick only three winners, and the judges definitely had a few games we wished could make the list, so we’d like to highlight some of our favorites.


by Maria

Go to your garden, gather all the ingredients for gazpacho before time runs out!

Garden Gnome


This garden is a dangerous place for gnomes! Help the gnome get to safety, but watch out for bees and other hazards!

Garden Puzzle

by Rishi

Get the ladybug to the leaf, but don’t let them get wet!


by Dylan

Defend your garden from pesky caterpillars!

Check out the full list of entries in the gallery on the game jam page!


That header gif, though… :heart_eyes:


Header gif courtesy of @shakao

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Are the games going to be added i the community section?

Same question.

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@LCProCODER @GameGod We actually generate that section from the games on the forum that are listed as ‘Featured Games’: https://forum.makecode.com/tag/featured-game (sometimes it gets out of date as it is a step we have to run manually, though)

If you wanna post your games separately on here as well, feel free!


@GameGod @LCProCODER We’ve added a section to the homepage below “Javascript Games” that you might be interested in! :slight_smile:

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When do these events start?

This started long ago.
About before you joined.

We don’t have a regular schedule for game jams, but we have been trying to hold one every three or four months (see the One Room Jam from March and the 5-second Game Jam from last September). We will definitely announce on the forums before we launch the next one!

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that sounds cool. thanks!

Yay. Next one must be in October or November!

How do you play this?


my question exactly

It’s actually pretty fun. You use the cricket dude guy and grab blocks and get the tiny snails to their little home

How do you grab blocks?

Get on top of the block and press Down+A button

how do you place them down?