[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Garden Jam

Hey folks,

Today we are announcing the third official MakeCode Arcade Game Jam! The theme for this jam is “gardens”. In other words, we’re looking for games about gardening or set in a garden-like environment. Some possible ways to interpret this theme:

  1. A farming simulator where you plant, nurture, and harvest crops
  2. An exploration game starring a bee that must travel from flower to flower and pollinate a garden
  3. A stealth game where you play as a rabbit swiping carrots from an unsuspecting farmer

You can interpret “gardens” however you want, but someone playing your game should be able to see how it relates to the theme without extra explanation.

This time the jam will run from Wednesday, June 10th to Wednesday, July 1st. For you procrastinators out there, we will accept games up until 11:59 PM PT on July 1st.

For full rules, submission details, and information on prizes, check out the official game jam page.


Thanks for sharing, pretty excited about this… :slight_smile: . Last time got stuck with issue so couldn’t finish on time. This time will surely give a better shot.

How’s Garden Jam going? Is it still wrapping up this Wednesday?

I went looking to see if I could see any submissions in the gallery on the official page (or on the itch.io submission site), but I don’t see any yet. Folks must be playing close to the vest keeping their blooms… uh… behind the fence?

Do you know how long a game can be?

How many projects can you enter?

@GameGod You’re welcome to make as many submissions as you like! There is no maximum or minimum length for a game :slight_smile: All entries are welcome.

@jacob_c Yep, still wrapping up Wednesday. We’re a bit light on submissions at the moment, but hoping for more haha!

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So are the games posted?
Please tell me if possible.

@LCProCODER There is a gallery of games on https://arcade.makecode.com/gamejam

Thanks but I saw that

When is the garden jam games released.
I have been waiting:/

Winners are posted here: [Announcement] Garden Game Jam Results!

Why are these missing?

Oh, i guess the original image moved when we updated the gamejam. Sorry I’ll remove it from the post (i don’t remember what it was)

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