[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Ocean Jam

haha,honestly at this point i might not even be able to submit a complete game!!:(( hopefully i’ll at least have some sort of demo or playable game yknow!


That’s really funny! I love how you guys said that you want us to send a message in a bottle.

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Just submitted my game. :smiley:

Also, there is only 16 hours before the game jam stops accepting submissions! Get those games in!


It’s just a prototype, not finished.

Fight for parts and use those parts to get the best ship. There are 1000 ships possible!


Is it possible to see if you have already received my game? I submitted the game via ‘Forms’ on the day that I posted this (Shark Frenzy), but I didn’t receive notification.

We have it! Sorry about the delay in updating the gallery, that should hopefully be going through today :slight_smile:


This game is a MASTERPIECE. I really like it. The art is astounding. This easily makes the list of my top 5 favorite games


I didnt recive a notification either

Damn I might end up not finishing a demo for the Jam:/ It’s alright though cause I can’t wait to see your games and I’ll be working on mine still even when the Jam is over!

Thank you. I am really pleased with the result and also think that this is my best game to date.
Hopefully you like this game as well (:face_with_hand_over_mouth: promoting oneself): Frogging Fun 1.0.0

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Thank you for getting back to me on this. I look forward to going through the gallery and playing the different games. :grin:


I finished my game. I didn’t think I would finish it in time.


I tried downloading this game to my PyGamer, and unfortunately the game is too big. Pity, I was really looking forward to trying this on hardware. Anyway, it works really well on a computer. Again, well done for making such a great game.

webusb: get devices
pxtapp.js:1 error: pxt_modules/Timers/main.ts(1,1): error TS9200: program too big by 62816 bytes!
pxtapp.js:1 warning: Compilation failed, please check your code for errors.

Wow. This is fantastic! This is one of the biggest games I have seen yet, and it has so many different types of enemies. I like how the other characters follow the player around. Great job.

Hello. I really liked your game. Could you tell me how you changed the color palette inside of the pixel art editor? Thanks

@omnisImperium here you go: Sprite Editor Color View

Remember to read all of the warnings! This can break your project if you aren’t careful. It’s best to always do this in a brand new empty project so that you don’t lose work.

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Um… I think he was saying that about my game… um… (but your game is really epic too).

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Thanks so much!

I submitted my game - https://makecode.com/_7wXW4ogjPPr6 - but in the submission, I forgot to say “The exclamation marks are areas filled with predators, so you can’t swim through them.”.

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Your game is really good!!