Frogging Fun 1.0.0

I think this #game, #featured-game of ‘Frogging Fun’ is finally polished. Again, thank you to all that helped resolve certain issues, were enthusiastic with their feedback and had fun playing this game. I know the original had a few other features, so I might eventually implement those later on. I think it is time to move on to another challenge.



You mentioned some time ago, I think the first time I posted here a month ago, about working on a project together. I like what I have made here, and there are features of the original that I would still like to implement. I’m just wondering whether you want to work on recreating another arcade classic, or creating something completely new.

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Would love to collab! There are a ton of classic games that do not yet have a MakeCode Arcade port. If you’re feeling adventurous, though, I’d love to get back to my 3-D dungeon crawling framework. I just haven’t had much time lately. Forum link.

I’m open to anything, though! If you have ideas on your next project, I’m all ears.

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You game idea sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if have the mathematical skills in order to contribute. I know that if I read through the material I could get the ‘gist’ of it; just not tonight (it’s been a long day). In your screen shots, the virtual console contains four distinct buttons.

@richard & @jwunderl
Is it possible to set the console to use these four buttons? In my game, it is almost impossible to move using the controller on a mobile phone. Using a keyboard is not a problem, as you can only move one keystroke at a time. However, on a mobile phone, trying to move left, moves the player forward, and vice versa.

that sounds like a bug. We won’t be going back the old simulator (it was even harder to use on mobile, trust me)

When swiping forwards (let’s say north east or north west) I notice that the player moves forward, but then faces left or right. In each event I set a ‘hidden’ sprite to be within 16 pixels away from the player in the given direction, set the image based on the direction, and have the player follow that moved sprite. In the game I have multiple controller on ‘key’ pressed (directional) events. If someone swipes upwards, but the movement is also slightly left or right, does that trigger two events (i.e. up & left/right)? If that is the case, then maybe I should check manually in a game update event.

We won’t be going back the old simulator (it was even harder to use on mobile, trust me)

I can image it was harder, especially as you can move in all directions. It might be a nice ‘feature’, that you can indicate in a game block that you wish to use the four individual buttons, for an old school game like mine. :wink:

I was indeed a bug. Moving the controller north east / north west produces two controller ‘on key pressed’ events. I have a flag ‘isMoving’ which I set when moving the player, but I didn’t include that flag in the ‘on key pressed’ events. It is working better now.