[Announcement] MakeCode Mini Game Jam #1 - Pigeon: Deliverance

@GoMustangs sure thing!

I’d like to see a Super Mario Bros 1-1 remake in Pigeon: Deliverance, but I won’t do that, I have a different idea for what to do, but I won’t tell it yet so it doesn’t get stolen lol.

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My game has many many terrain Glitches it is in Beta

Sorry guys, only the third level will be published, considering that there are only 4 more days to enter.
Btw, here’s a sneak peek at my rage level so far…

Have Fun!

That is way to hard and I can’t speed run the first level.

But I still like it

Where do we submit games? Right here or will there be a separate topic?

I mean, my level should be just as hard :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

@demoCrash I got 14.23!

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@Kiwiphoenix364 there

@richard where is this thread by the way?

Here is the submission thread: MakeCode Mini Game Jam #1 - Submit your games here!

Thanks @Primal_Nexus for reminding me!

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No problem @richard!

Who won?

Been wondering the same myself…

Was it on a stream? I don’t watch streams because I have school and twitch is blocked.

No winners for mini game jams! Everyone is a winner :slight_smile:

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Amazing! Another question, will badges still be given out for participating?