[Announcement] MakeCode Arcade Mini Game Jam #7 - Puzzle Jam

Hey folks!

It’s the first Monday of the month, which means it’s time to start another Mini Game Jam! The theme for this jam is Puzzles.

We’re looking for games that feature puzzles. You can interpret that however you want, but it should be obvious that your game features a puzzle mechanic. Luckily for you, puzzle games cover a pretty wide range of ideas!

Here are a few good examples:

  1. @GameGod’s fan on wheels game and their rush-hour style game
  2. A sliding tile game like 2048 or @UnsignedArduino’s excellent spinoff
  3. A Minesweeper like game but with gophers


  1. Games should be built in MakeCode Arcade
  2. Games should clearly adhere to the theme without the need for any extra explanation
  3. Keep the games PG: no NSFW, offensive, or excessively violent content.
  4. You must be at least 9 years old to participate.
  5. All games must be submitted by someone who is at least 13 years old. Younger students are welcome to participate, but it must be in partnership with an adult and with parent permission.

You have two weeks to enter! The jam will close at 11:59 PM PDT on Monday, January 16th 2023

Submit your games by posting them in this thread!



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Made this a few years ago for the ROOM game jam( the second annual game jam i guess?)

Turn silent mode OFF and volume up before game start


Yin And Yang Meet SPIN AND BANG (why Did I Do This.)

The Game is Hard In And Easy Way, Control 2 blocks to hit keys and overlap each other. but the problem is, the move in an opposite motion

Complete 10 Levels
(while you play the game I’m gonna Go rethink my life choices)


Here’s my game! It’s called Energy Puzzle!

In the game, you are a battery that must collect 6 energies from each of the 10 levels. All of the instructions are in the game.
Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Additional controls:

Press the ‘B’ button to reset your current level.


Here is a hint at my game:
Space, Puzzles


download (2)


I think I should do that too

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Seeing @Lucas_M post a preview of their game made me want to do one too. :slight_smile: (the art is AMAZING as usual, the previewed level is highly polished, and the portal effects are beautiful! :heart_eyes: )

Having fun with a monochrome palette. Makes it easier to copy derive art from the gallery.


Can the game be based off of an existing game? I’m thinking about making a game based off of No Man’s Sky, where you have to solve monolith, manufacturing facility, and archive puzzles.

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Happy anniversary @richard


Should I show another sneak peak of my game??

  • Yes
  • No

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@Ppap absolutely!

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I took the ‘puzzle theme’ literally and made an actual mini puzzle game! Simply move around with the arrows, and press A to place a piece. There are 4 pieces, and they must be placed in the right way in order for you to win! Enjoy!

Also, I posted a topic for this game asking for help because something wasn’t working, but I fixed it, since the post hasn’t been approved as of when I’m posting this. Also, I used the wrong ‘piece, peace’ and the title for the game isn’t changing even though I changed it.


This has the makings of a really good mini game jam!

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spoilers for my game

download (4)


Really nice and strategical puzzle game


Been playing Patrick’s Parabox lately, great game mechanism for puzzle lover, thought it’s a good example of object modeling ( Class Design ) and build a replicate on Arcade


is this the annual game jam?

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