Make Arcade Offline App This app can't run on your PC

Hi everyone, I am trying to use the Make Arcade Offline app. I have windows 10 64bit and when I run this app it says this app can’t run on your pc. I wonder if the app works for other windows 10 users or maybe the app is discontinued ? I downloaded the app right from the make arcade website and also when I try to run Windows defender tries to stop me from running it.

Thank you for any help or advice you can provide.

Welcome, @penguinlinux !

I just downloaded and installed the offline app on my laptop running Windows 10, and it seemed to install and run fine for me. I’ll test it on a couple of other machines later today to see if I can replicate your scenario.

Make sure you’re downloading the newest installer, available here:

Also, if you can provide screenshots of when “Windows defender tries to stop me from running it,” that might be helpful, too. If you’re not familiar with taking screenshots, the simplest way to do it is to press Windows key + Shift + S on your keyboard, and then draw a box with your mouse around the part of the screen that you want to capture. You can paste your screen capture directly into a post here in the forum.

thank you so much for your help. I will be back home tonight and take the screenshots. I did go to the URL you showed me and I downloaded the recent version of the app but I could not install it. I will take the screenshots and submit.

thank you @AlexK

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@AlexK as a test to see if this was happening only in one computer I booted up my Kano PC the one sold by Microsoft the kids laptop. I went to the make code arcade website and downloaded the app.

Microsoft Edge complained about the file and got the same Windows protected your PC windows defender stopped me from installing it. Then when I try to run it it says it can’t run on my pc. Are you using Windows 10 for your install. I am running Windows 10 so I wonder if there is a pattern .

Thank you again for your help`

Hello @AlexK , I went home and downloaded Microsoft Arcade offline app here are the screenshots of me downloading the fille and the errors I encountered during the install.

Attached is a file that combines all screen shots

1st download the app
2. MS edge giving errors saying this is not a common file so i have to tell it to save it anyways
3 multiple warnings from MS defender
4 error regarding this app cant run on this pc
5 right click on the file and check properties no info about who makes the app
6 as you can see i run windows 10 64 bit a recent install.

Thank you for all the help . I can’t believe this does not work on this computer and I trust you when you say it works on your computer. But maybe the file on the site is corrupted or not valid?

Thank you.

I know the picture shows everything small just right click on it and click on copy image address and paste the address on a different tab and you will get the full size screen of this image. where you can see the individual screenshots

I wonder if you right click on your ms code app you get info saying the app is made by microsoft also check the file size compared to my picture. Thank you again for all your help

Hmmmmm… it worked fine for me also… @jwunderl any theories?

Only thing that pops in my head immediately would be maybe the Kano pc is arm / surface tablet os based and our existing windows build wouldn’t work on that as it needs another full build pipeline that hasn’t been made yet? I’m not familiar with that product so will have to check.

@jwunderl the one in the screenshot is definitely intel though.

Kano PC is a wonderful laptop. So glad to hear that you have one!

I’ve run the installer twice on two different machines running Windows 10, and it ran without issues. Both machines are current with their updates. Sounds like Windows Defender might need an update on your machines.

Check your machines for updates and install any required updates. If you’re not familiar with the process, then visit Microsoft’s documentation, linked below.

Manage updates in Windows (

Again, feel free to send screenshots. I can’t tell which version of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge you have, which also may be a source of problem.

Keep us posted! We’ll figure out a way to get you up and running.

Ah I missed that part of the screenshot you’re right, it’s also listed as 64bit. hm.

We had trouble with smartscreen in that past but I thought they allowlisted us. And the middle portion of the screenshot makes me think the final cause isn’t smartscreen either as that looks like what you would get after going through all the ‘ignore warning and install for me’ dialogs from smartscreen.

Thanks for those screenshots, @penguinlinux! Very helpful.

I can see that you’re using the modern version of Microsoft Edge and a recent enough version of Windows 10 on an x64 (i.e., not ARM64) machine. You have all of the right pieces!

Check Windows Updates and make sure Windows Defender is updated. (Link in my previous post for assistance.) See if that helps.

Keep us posted.

@jwunderl @Richard @AlexK These are two Windows 10 machines . First machine is a Lenovo machine with a recent install of Windows 10 and the Kano PC is a PC that is intel Celeron 64 bit that runs Windows 10. Kano used to make a version of their pc running on raspberry pi and then through Microsoft they came up with a version that is a full PC running Windows. . this indeed is a very strange problem. I tried to run it with compatibility on Windows 7 or 8 and no luck there.

thank you guys :slight_smile: the Make Arcade Microsoft team is amazing. With everything that is going on with the world you are there to help us. Thank you so much . I have updated all the signatures on Windows defender and ran windows updates on both machines. :frowning: I have a windows 7 machine which I will boot up later and try to install Make code app on that instance.

Well, this doesn’t solve your problem, but it does help to isolate it a bit.

I noticed, as you stated, that your download does not have any publisher information included. Here is what shows on my computers:

I also see that the size of your download is very different from the one I obtained yesterday.

Sounds like a cache issue. If you have another browser, then use that to download the installer again. Otherwise, you can try clearing your cache (fastest way is to press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard) and then download the installer again. Be careful with clearing your cache, though, if you’ve been using MakeCode in your browser. You may lose your projects.

@AlexK @jwunderl @richard so good news! Using a proxy and downloading the file from another azure cdn host allowed me to get the correct file and this time it works on my PC.

so this was not a browser cache issue as I used multiple computer and even on the Mac computer using safari I still got served the incorrect file because i was still getting the same smaller size version as the picture above . However once i used the proxy i got the larger file and this one worked on the PC :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your hard work making this app and also providing support for it. Make code is one of the best projects and I always recommend it to parents trying to get their kids to learn computer science.

Thank you all and happy Summer!

@AlexK a similar issue might’ve happened in the past . [Announcement] New offline app for MakeCode Arcade - #16 by jwunderl

it is probably a corrupted cache on the CDN . I am about to finish my download and will test on my PC after I am done with the download :slight_smile:

@AlexK @jwunderl @Richard I want to thank you all for your help. I think I know the cause of my problem. here is what is happening. when you click on the link the link then servers the file from the nearest Azure CDN this file on the server is a cached file around 127 megs.

so I cleared my cache and I am using two computers so I decided to use a free online proxy. These proxy will then hit the make code arcade and try to download the link from the CDN because the proxy is in a different region the download is then served from another CDN where now I am able to get the larger file. That file is still downloading because the proxy is slow but the file clocks in at 227 megs. I am posting the screen shot of me getting the file from Azure using wget and you can see I am able to download the bad file but once I am downloading the file using the proxy then it looks like the file size might be the correct one.

I will install this new file once it is finished downloading. This might explain why this work for you but not for me. Thank you all and I will keep you updated.


I will try that and yes the publisher information is missing which I know would be the problem . I tried two browses brave and edge and on the other computer another edge browser .

I might use wget to download the file using a Linux machine and then transfer the file to my PC.

Thank you all for your help.

Excellent deductions, @penguinlinux ! Strange that you hit a CDN that’s out of sync, but that certainly appears to be the problem.

Glad you were able to get the current installer and that the product installed correctly for you. As always, if you need anything, then just give us a holler.